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What Does... 'Free From Anxiety' ... Mean To You...?

For everyone, that means something different.

I used to be in a loop of trying this trick, and that coping mechanism for my anxiety. 

Only, to end up right where I started. 

Let me tell you a quick story...

Here is me about 5 years ago: 

I look pretty happy sitting by that Christmas tree, don't I?... 

It was one of the worst years of my life. 

Some days I dragged myself into work after redoing my makeup for the 3rd time.

All because I had just been crying all morning; obsessing over a twitch, a mole, a pain. 

This was the same year my boss at the time came up to me and said, 

"Tamryn, I'm worried about you, why don't you take 2 weeks off?"

He recognized that I needed help before I did.

I had had the occasional panic attack before, but I thought things like:

“Everyone has them, there’s nothing wrong with me, i’ll just brush it off”


"I'm just extra stressed out right now, it'll go away"

I mean, I was in a happy relationship, I had a roof over my head and food in my belly. 

Surely there was nothing "wrong" with me. 

How could I be one of those people who had a “problem” 

Little did I know that if left alone, these symptoms will escalate over time.

Which is what exactly happened to me.

Instead of finding out why I was experiencing these symptoms, I did what I thought was best at the time, I ran from my (very real) problem.

I ran all the way to a tiny-impersonal-white-on-white-fluorescent-lighting walk-in doctor's office. 

10 minutes later, prescription in hand, I confidently strutted out the office, holding what I thought would be my saving grace.

All I wanted was to feel "normal" again.

The pills worked to get rid of my symptoms.

But they had side effects I never saw coming. 

For months I felt like I was in a daze. 

Kinda like a zombie walking the earth. 


Never really present. 

It was like I was watching my life play out from deep within, but not really participating in it. 

I had reached a stumbling block I never even saw coming.

Going off the medication was an easy decision.

But because the medication was simply a "band-aid" my anxiety came back worse than ever!

Here I was almost a year later, in the exact same spot I had started out at.

Worse, actually.

And that's where smiling "happy" me (see above) at Christmas time enters the story... 

I made the decision that the only person who could control my future was myself. I was in control. 

I decided my anxiety would no longer rule the show.

I began to make changes to my lifestyle, I started doing yoga, and eating better. 

And I started to go to therapy. 

Which all helped, but I still didn't feel like myself.

I still felt like I was alone.

There was one key thing missing... 

(I'll get to what that was in a bit.) 

Did you know that research has proven that therapy and lifestyle changes alone are not enough for healing an anxious mind?

I know, this shocked me too. 

Like I was saying before, that one thing that was missing was exactly what the research proved. 

That one thing is: 

Having a supportive tribe of people you can trust and be completely open with!

It seems simple.

But even today, in 2019, the one thing that hurts those of us who have suffered from anxiety the most is the stigma.

Be honest, has your anxiety ever left you feeling genuinely and completely powerless? 

Admitting you experience anxiety is one of the hardest things to do. 

It's exactly why only 1/3 of the 40 million anxiety sufferers in the United States alone get help. 

But as someone who was once too scared and embarrassed to open up about my anxiety to those closest to me, I get it. 

Taking that first step to open up to those closest to me was HARD. 

But it was so worth it. 

No longer did I just have to "push through" my anxiety.

I don't pretend to know everything, and I don't know what your situation is like currently. 

But what I can say is, whatever your "Free From Anxiety" looks it, it all starts within you... 

Are you ready to take control of your future?

Let me ask you a few questions...

Please Make Note Of All The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

  • Are you always in your head, thinking that you're alone (like you have nobody) even though it's absolutely not true

  • Do you experience intrusive thoughts or overthink things when in social settings (work, gatherings with new people, the store, etc)

  • Do your anxiety symptoms (getting dizzy, weak legs, body tremors, palpitations, feeling empty and scared) leave you thinking there is something seriously, medically wrong with you

  • Are you experiencing loss of sleep and feel drained most of the day

  • Do you ever end up feeling embarrassed, guilty, or like your feelings are being undermined after talking to well-meaning family members or friends who you know don't "get it"?

  • Is your life just so busy that you find you're just finding ways to "deal" with or avoid your anxiety

  • Do you want to be carefree and take big bold chances in your life, without being afraid or worrying about your anxiety every minute of every day

  • Are you exhausted from hiding behind your true feelings

If You Answered Yes To ANY Of The Questions Above...

Then I Want To Invite You To Join The 'Honestly Healing Anxiety' Community And Change Your Relationship With Anxiety Forever!


For the cost of one medium pizza, or two venti vanilla lattes, you can join this transformative community.


For *anyone* dedicated to committing to their emotional and spiritual growth from anxiety, a place you can feel safe in sharing or learning from a like-minded community of people.

  • Podcast every Friday (an intimate experience you can enjoy on your own time, where I share my best insights to help to you achieve awareness and expand your mind around your anxiety so you can experience the kind of transformation that quite literally could change your life)

  • Email Newsletter sent every Monday morning to start your week on the right note with an anxiety affirmation for the community and sharing the healing guidance it holds for us as a collective group

  • Community Member Only Discussion & Chat Room (participation optional) that will help us all delve deep into our personal development and keep each other accountable

  • Personal Stories & Wisdom from my heart center (I will share any personal pieces of wisdom from my own life that will link up with the journey you embark on)

  • Actionable Plans uploaded to the community in the form of worksheets, journal prompts, and more that will never leave you lost (lifelong transformation is not possible without having a plan of action, and working on yourself outside of day to day coping strategies)

  • Free Courses only for members (nutrition and food plans for anxiety, supplement for anxiety mini course, and more courses to come... all free to members only!)

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Here's What's Waiting For You Inside...

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Who Is This Community NOT For?

We're not all going to be on the same path, at the same time, and that's alright. If it doesn't feel right to join right now, no worries, bookmark the page, you can always come back when it does feel right.

  • Anyone not committed to doing the work required to see positive change within themselves, and in their lives

  • Anyone who sees their progression as "better than" anyone else, we're all promising to motivate, and support... not brag

  • Anyone who doesn't truly believe that they CAN live a life where anxiety isn't the ruler

Who am I?

TAMRYN BURGESS, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Anxiety Warrior

5 years ago my anxiety had me jobless, reliant on my partner, afraid to leave the house, not sure what my future held, AND feeling like a zombie on prescription medication. Today, I am pushing my limits further in my career than EVER before, I have the confidence to work with dozens of clients one-on-one, and make videos that thousands of people see on social media. ALL of which were things I would NOT have done just 5 years ago. I have put in the time, work, and healing required to know how my anxiety held me back before. My social media accounts under, 'Honestly Holistic' has hundreds of helpful pieces of content, with thousands of views and 1900+ real followers. This community I've created is going to be filled with everything I've learned, am learning, and will learn about healing from anxiety in a healthy, natural way.


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    If you sign up on the 7th of the month for example, you will be billed on the 7th of each month going forward.

  • When am I billed for the yearly plan?

    If you were to sign up on October 19, 2019, you will be billed again only on October 19, 2020; recurring yearly.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

    Yes, you are in complete control and may cancel any time. If you want to cancel because your payment method is no longer valid, you can easily update it inside your member dashboard if you'd like.

  • Will the price I pay ever go up?

    As long as you remain subscribed, you will always pay the same amount you signed up for, regardless of whether membership prices increase in the future.

  • Is this membership just a chat area?

    The chat area is a great bonus, but is far from the *only* thing you will be gaining access to. Weekly podcasts, newsletters, and guided worksheets and how to guides just scratch the surface of what's to come.